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Marriages in Charts
David King
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HI - I have created our family tree - 131 people with lots of marriages.  When I create a Close Family Chart, the software seems unreliable as to whether it shows the marriage facts.   I have checked that all the marriages have been entered (dates and locations) and that in the Chart Options I have included "Marriage" as one of the facts selected (along with Brith, Death, Occupation, Immigration). 

Strangely, depending on which ancestor I select, it may or may not show the Marriage facts in the boxes.  All the other facts show fine except for Marriage.   If I pick the main ancestor that the family tree kinda funnels through, then the marriage facts don't show.  If I pick another ancestor outside the main tree (ie with less boxes) then the marriage facts do show.  Doesn't seem to matter what style of chart, font size, paper size etc... 

Its driving me nuts.  Any suggestions on how to get the software to reliably show the marriage fact regardless of which ancestor the chart is set around?

Many thanks,

David King

David King
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