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Citations for Merged SmartMatch
Jim Thrasher
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The last step of manually merging a smartmatch is to decide if a citation should be added.  I always want to add a citation if new information was merged, but the citation should be attached to each updated fact or name.  The only time that a MyHeritage family tree citation should be added at the Person level is when a new person is added and all the information came from this one source.  From a genealogy research standpoint, it is very important to track sources at the fact level because each fact could have come from a different source, with a different level of confidence.

An even better option would be to allow me (the user) to choose during the merge process whether to add a citation to each changed fact, or to add a general citation.  Same is true with notes for an individual fact versus a general Person level note.

Also, when the merge process adds a new citation source, it should assure that "MyHeritage.com" is cited as the Repository. 

Jim Thrasher
Urbandale, IA
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