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GenCircles Broken Forever? Explain Enhanced SmartMatches?
Patrick Chefalo
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To Whom It May Concern In MyHeritage management;

So I suppose that y'all think that GenCircles was a noble experiment that didn't take off to monentize other peoples' data with your technology.

 However, I'd ask that you restore the functionality to the GenCircles site as an alternate to the slow, klunky and ugly graphical MyHeritage SmartMatches, as an ad for the services you sell. I'm not sure what you might do to induce people to subscribe to ENHANCED SmartMatches, since I can't even figure out what that is from this side of the service.

(Is Enhanced SmartMatches the ability to navigate the tree from a SmartMatch?)

Failing restored functionality for GenCirlces, please change the messages on the GenCircles upload page to say: "The data was received! However, SmartMatches are no longer displayed for new data uploaded here. Please visit MyHeritage.com to subscribe to the services once offered on this site."  Then at least people would know what the situation is. You could also change the notation on the file's home page to show that the SmartMaches will NOT be generated, instead of suggesting that they will be done in 24-48 hours.

Patrick Chefalo
Rochester, NY
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