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Bug Report
Yehiel Bentov
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i wanted to download all the albums which are saved on my family web site. so i tried to download albums one by one.

the most important album is the "Family Tree Photos" which conatain the photos which are presented in the tree itself. this album contains 267 pictures. it is impossible to download such a big album, so created smaller copies for the pictures in this album of 60 pictures per each copy. i marked up about 60 pictures in the original album(267) and presses the button "copy selected items" which apears after i mark one picture or more. and i copied the 60 pictures to a new private album. than i could download the smaller album to my PC. one of the albums i created could not be downloaded, because of some error occured in the browser. so i tried other solution - from the smaller album i deleted 18 pictures out of the 60 pictures in it.  un fortunatly the 18 pictures were delted both from the small album(60) and from the original album(267). and now i have (42) and (149) pictures in the albums - this is a majur Bug, and now i have 18 pictures less in the family tree. i don't know where from the pictures were deleted and it is a shame, because me(the manager) and other family members upload pictures to the site and suddenly few pictures are deleted.

i made this action on Saterday 17-01-2009 on 16:30 Jerusallem time.  and i really hope you have some recycle bin in your site so the pictures can be restored, or maybee you have some other backup tool. please contact me through the site or by mail: bentov_y@netvision.net.ilif you do, and if there is a way to restore those 18 pictures.

anyway this bug should be fixed - deleting pictures from a copy album should not delete pictures from the original album.

Thank you,


family Bentov_Bitton site Web Site Manager .

Yehiel Bentov
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RE: Bug Report
Esther Weinberg
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Hi Yehiel,

Thank you for writing to us. 

Is it possible that you chose to delete the photos when you copied them to a different album?

Please let me know if you continue to have difficulty at esther@myheritage.com.

Esther / MyHeritage Team


Esther Weinberg
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