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some sugestions
Victor Ophof
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Hi I have some additions to add,  (excuse my english)

  • being able to merge tree's (.ged) files from others
  • divide/split names into "van der Laan"  to a prefix "van der" and name "Vos"
  • add plugin abbility for  adding large amounts , example is standard website(s) with template easy for import export (and add check if info exsists or is duplicate / manual selection what to add)
  • add (search) sites as a refrence/source or todo
  • ad a todo list (from notes) with website (recurring check's)
  • check if website has been visited (when you checked the website ,, ad button done today if to keep track of you'r "checks"
  • split families (to exchange with others) or to better manage  additions
  • add possibilite of man assuming wifes name (here in the netherlands its possible)
  • better zooming out (total overview off all people)
  • deleting people
  • conforming places to 1 standard (still able to use custom if you want)
  • adress of event (special location's like hospital/street adress)
  • select what to show on website and what not (merge into FTB software tree but don't publish)
  • notes / facts list overvieuw (like places)
  • website language based on language of browser (NL-NL or EN-NL ) 


Victor Ophof
Maassluis, Nederland
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