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why (site and software)
Victor Ophof
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why (site and software)  

  •  Can't i merge mutliple (same) persons
  • delete persons
  • import an other gedcom (can be done but creates multiple same persons, prefixes (de Vos is prefix "de"  surname Vos)  and more of these issues (imported from gramps)
  • chose between update site (seperate project) or seprate project
  • merge between projects (peace of tree from other project)
  • clean up unused atributes
  • clean up names (all upper/lower or first letter uppercase)
  • GEOcoordinates (google maps link for example)
  • add plugins (ake make onwn addons) such as making a custom import from websites (databanks)
  • only export .zed from other heritage site (not gedcom)
  • bulk adding of source refrences (if you added from 1 source point a lot of relatives
  • zoom out in a whole overview of tree so navigating would be better (already now it's good)
  • print whole / part tree on big paper (plotter) or desktop printer
  • show only relatives off (if you want all related to 1 "level" relative (with or without direct married partner, kids in other name)
  • genderchange of person
  • married name of man (in the netherlands is possible to assume the name of the wife)
  • some relatives use 2 surnames or is a custom in a country when parents are not married
  • ability to show married surname
  • adding "to do marker" (note for todo) and that you can make a view of all todo items
  • adding websites to sources/resources (sperate fields)

merging multiple gedcom " persons"  to one is nice because it can save a lot of time adding persons. note: merge needs to see if added data = same or different and ad als alternate or request user for import (also has to add source of import)

this is the list i've noticed until now

Victor Ophof
Maassluis, Nederland
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RE: why (site and software)
Eric Dalton
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I'm with you on adding citations and links to other pages. I could copy and paste, but for obvious reasons, I don't want to do that. Seems like a "no brainer" tool. I don't know if we can to it in FTB, but even if I can, I don't want to import my FTB because then I can't edit the tree online. It could be I'm missing it, but I sure can't find it.
Eric Dalton
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RE: why (site and software) [2]
Esther Weinberg
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Hi Eric,

We are working on a citations section feature for the family site online for the future. 

Best Regards, Esther / MyHeritage Team

Esther Weinberg
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