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I would love to have a variety of  genealogy backgrounds and graphics available to dress up the Home Page.  It is so stark looking.  Would also love to have a way of presenting the virtual cemetery in some manner.  Don't like seeing the photos come up mixed in with family photos....
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E Lawson
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"I would love to have a variety of  genealogy backgrounds and graphics available to dress up the Home Page.  It is so stark looking. "


I agree with you that it would be nice to have some backgrounds/graphics, etc. to easily choose from when designing the Home Page....

What I have done to dress up my Home Page was to use Word to create a table and then I just partitioned the table into sections to fit my needs & the info I wanted to include using specific fonts and table shading to color each table section (must save your document as .rtf not .doc)....

hint...don't make your table as wide as your home papge, make it slightly smaller so it will fit.  If it's too big, it will stretch the home page way out, and it doesn't look good then & is difficult to navigate--- just go back to Word and decrease your table size if this happens.  (I have had to do this a few times/going back and forth to get it right, but the result was more satisfying than the stark page... & it's kinda fun to play with/design, & learn about the best ways of how to get it loaded to the website).  --I'm working on how to figure out getting banners & clip art to show, becuse my first attempts for a small map & thistle clip didn't come through:( ...but I'll keep trying different things....

When done designing your table, right-click and copy it, then go to your myheritage home page, and click the edit this text line.... 

When you go to edit your current home page text, just place the cursor under/after the current text in the Welcome/Intro paragraph then paste the table into the home page text area.

When I want to change/edit/add new info, I just go into my saved Word .rtf document, bring up the table & edit it, save it, copy it, & paste again to myheritage home page.  A lot easier to to do editing/designing in Word, then copying to myheritage (after you get the table format/size fit right).  I even added hyperlinks to the text in my table and it comes through fine on the home page, so members can link to external websites that are pertinent to your site/your family, which is a very nice option.  Hope this may be helpful in some way....




E Lawson
Sterling Heights, MI
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