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Upload problems
Pauline Kennard
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I managed to transfer my Gedcom into Family Tree Builder.  I created my site and uploaded to it.

 I then added some photos and some more people and tried to upload.  I got a message which told me that the version of the site was newer than the version I was trying to upload.  I clicked to continue and it updated the site.

I have since amended my tree and tried to upload the amendments several times.  I always get this message and the upload seems to take far longer than I am used to updates taking in other situations.  Help please!

 I have also found that not all my photos remain linked to the people on the tree.  They appear to be there in my album and on FTB on my computer they are definitely attached as personal photos.   Why is this happening and what should I do to correct it?

My other question is that although I have set my site as private all my photos seem to be available for everyone to see.  Is this correct?  Is there a way of making them private if I want/need to? 

Pauline Kennard
Eastbourne, United Kingdom
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RE: Upload problems
Rhianna W
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Hi Pollken,

If your site isn't updating the tree properly when you publish, go ahead and delete the older tree and then republish. This should take care of the problem.

In order to delete the old tree go to Genealogy -> Family Trees on your family site.

This should also take care of incorrect or missing photo associations.


Regarding photo albums. Go to the photo album, open it. Scroll down and click on Edit this Album.

At the bottom of the screen you should see the setting for making the album public or private. 

Rhianna W
Tel Aviv, Israel
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