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More suggested improvements to FTB re: dates and connecting lines/spouses
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Ok, so we Americans are out of order.  In FTB, Dates are entered into their proper fields in the format  Month Day Year  (such as Jun 10 2004) whether typed or chosen in the drop down fields.  HOWEVER, when you generate a "Book" Report, in the narrative parts, NUMBERS are substituted for the MONTHS in the INTERNATIONAL format!  So, a date in a field shows as "Jun 10 2004" but in the book report is shows up as 10 6 2004, thus looking like Oct 6 2004.

The relationship connecting lines are too faint.  When you are viewing a couple with their children below, and it's showing the spouses of the children next to each child, it's confusing to get a grasp of which ones are the children and which ones are the spouses of the children because the lines are too faint.  Either make the lines thicker and darker, or add an option to put a BOLD FRAME around the card of each person that is related by blood to a selected person (thus leaving the spouses of blood relatives unbolded and not command the same attention.)

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