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Suggested Improvements to FTB
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Provision to be able to cite SEPARATE sources for different fields of a fact, such as a birth or marriage.  Often, a birth date will have a citation from one source, but the birth place cite a different source.  Many other events that have a date and place meet the same need.  (Marriage, death, burial, etc.)

When citing a source, a button should be provided to "Use the previously cited source."  This makes it much faster and easier when citing sources for all the members of a family that share that citation.   The window should show what the previously cited source was.  (See Brother's Keeper)  The same goes for places.

When citing an EXISTING source for a person or event, the drop-down menu of sources should present itself in alphabetical order. (Auto-complete is good, but when you have hundreds of sources, it's hard to remember exactly what the first word of a source was. in order to begin to type it.)

Provide an option for photos:  "DO NOT PUBLISH".  I would think many folks like to see some pics while using their Family Tree Builder on their home PC, but not want the whole world to see the picture.

Place a small icon in the upper portion of a person's card that is always visible if the person has more than one spouse.  As it is now, you must scroll down to see if a person has other spouses.

Show the divorced date in the "status" block under a couple.  It's currently shown for marriages, should also be for divorces.

That's all I can think of for now.  Maybe more later.


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