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Country flags in search
Kevin Banister
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Dear people,

When doing a smart search, at the bottom of the list are 'hits' made by others supposedly made by persons searching for the same person within 'MyHeritage' or have a name similar to what I am looking for.

This list could contain 15 or more sites that have absolutely nothing to do with what I am looking for and the names of the sites give absolutely no indication of any of the names in the site. Clicking through every site to see if it has something to do with what I am looking for is very frustrating, more so if the site does not mention a specific name for the site e.g. gerry g, or mick A ,or I love me, etc, etc, I think you get the message

1. Please add another column in which the 'flag' or country of origin is shown of the person who owns the web site

2. When people publish a site have them put in a name of the 'primary' person of the site, NOT nicknames or something that "THEY' will remember. How hard is it to enter Johnston-Australia or Dion-Canada for a MyHeitage web site etc, etc. 

If the name is already taken, 'THINK' of another NAME that has something to do with your family tree. Geez, how hard is it.

3. We down here in Australia have a nickname for just about everything and everyone but when it comes to a family history / search we like to be spot on, especially in New South Wales when it comes to our convict past (and proud of it).  

Having said that, may I say what pleasure I have had (and frustration) using MyHeritage and telling others in my extended family about it.



Kevin Banister
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