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Enhancements for the Family Tree
Shawn Ellens
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Wallpaper or background designs for pages in tree.  You can offer a few designs and/or an individual can upload their own.

Also, a favorites page would be great!  That way you can see how much alike or different family members are.  An individual can customize this page; such as:

1. Top 3 favorite Foods         2. Top 3 favorite movies       3. Favorite types of music

4. Favorite Sports                   5. Favorite Color       6. Favorite subject in school

7. Favorite book(s)       8. Favorite pets and their names. 9. Concerts or plays attended

So Forth and so on.  Also a  background page where you can list all of the schools you attended and the city & state they are located.  All the type of jobs you have held or done or places where you worked. Places where you've traveled.  Places where you lived.

Like a scrapbook on line...


Shawn Ellens
Saint Louis, MO
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