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Birth Name
Athol Geoffrey Stewart
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I would like to see the term 'Maiden Name' replaced with 'Birth Name'.

Then it could be used for men, too. A case in my tree is Mr. Romans (his given name does not matter here).  He was born Petrevics and changed his name, as many do who were born in another country.

Then 'married Name' could be changed to 'married or current name'. Or a better term if you can think of one.

It is not only ladies who change their name, nor is the only reason, marriage.


Athol Geoffrey Stewart
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RE: Birth Name
Daniel D.
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Dear Athol,


Thank you for suggesting this idea!

Indeed you are right - males can change their last names as-well, and I understand why it could be important for you to perhaps change the phrasing. However it could also be quite confusing for people who are used to "Maiden" and "Married" names instead of the suggested.

We work by the status quo of genealogists, and so making such a change will be hard to implement social-wise.

However, I suggeted this to the appropriate department and hopefully your suggestion will get through.


Let me know if you have any kinds of other ideas!

Kind Regards, 

Daniel D.
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