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re: family tree builder
JOY macarandang
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I was using this software for along time. my aunt doesn't want the family tree to be publish in the web if we used the premium. what are the added feature of the premium aside from web publication which may aunt doesn't want. And she just want to publish it in book. Actually i learn the used the software with out difficulty as time goes by. but my problem was the repititions of name as it shows the different generation are there still other option that can be selected? Are there more features that can be selected from the premiun? please help me regarding this issue. thank you. 

JOY macarandang
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RE: re: family tree builder
Daniel D.
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Dear Joy, 


Thank you for writing and we appreciate your patience for this answer!

I would like to first start with the statement that your privacy is very dear to us. We want to keep it safe and I assume that the reason why your aunt doesn't want the family tree to be published is because of this (correct me if I'm wrong). And I would like to offer a solution in this guide:

 How do I make sure all my family site information is kept private?


However, if you still would like to know about what advantages you receive in the Premium subscription, we have a list here:

What do I get with a MyHeritage Premium plan?

I would like you to review the last lines of what the Premium plan offers (record matches and smart matches in premium is different than basic)


The software offers a way to deal with repetitions on your tree, you can find more in this guide:

How do I find duplicates in my tree in Family Tree Builder?


Please, let me know how it works out for you, and if you need any additional information or help we're here to help.


Kind Regards, 

Daniel D.
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