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Cost confusion
Garry Porterfield
- Tutup

1. does the free program have an offline tree size, or just give more features. What is the Builder program tree limit?

2. I see a "free trial" tree is only tree 250. Apparently there is a charge to online increase to tree limit to 2500.  And a second 2500 tree requires a new account? And is the enhanced program necessary also for the tree 2500? What if I want two online 2500 trees?

3. I have been dialogued for required charges for additional data access, I presume. Is this yet a third charge?

SUMMARY: Are all of the above charges independent? Please itemize them for me,or point me to your web page that specifically and clearly explains each charges. So far I am very confused.

Thank you

Garry Porterfield
Hereford, AZ
- Jawab
RE: Cost confusion
Rhianna W
- Tutup

Family site subscriptions:

Free BASIC site allows up to 250 people in the tree and 250MB of storage for photos.

Premium sites allow up to 2500 people in the tree and 500MB for storage.

PremiumPlus sites allow unlimited people in the tree and unlimited storage.

When you buy a family site subscription you get Family Tree Builder Premium as a bonus. 

Family Tree Builder:

The free version lets you build a tree with no limits on the number of people in the tree. (If you decide to publish, the above limitations for family sites will take effect for the published tree.)

Premium Family Tree Builder gives you added features such as Smart Research, All-In-One chart and more.

When you buy Family Tree Builder, you get a family site subscription for one year as a bonus. 

SuperSearch Data subscriptions:

SuperSearch is free to search but viewing results from some collections may require a Data subscription.

Rhianna W
Tel Aviv, Israel
- Jawab