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Record Matches & Census
Steve Krenek
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The Record Matching product description says that it will find census records.  This is a great idea.  However it fails to return any results -- even for records that are returned with a manual search in the Research tab.  For example, on my family tree I have Rachel Kelly, born 1926.  After three days there are no census Record Matches. When I go to the Research tab and search the 1930 US Census for Rachel Kelly, born 1926 her record is the top one returned.

Is Record Matches supposed to automatically find results from my family tree or am I misunderstanding the functionality?

Thanks, --Steve


Steve Krenek
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RE: Record Matches & Census
Dean Aston
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Dear Mr.Krenek,

Thank you for your post.

If you have Record Matches you will see a notification appear on the side bar of the Home page alerting you that you have matches. Click to enter the results page.

Click to view photo in full size

You can also reach your Record Matches from the Family tree tab.

Record Matches

You don’t need to do anything to get Record Matches. We do the work automatically behind the scenes and notify you if matches are found.

Processing over four billion records against your tree takes time, so please be patient if you haven’t received records yet.

You’ll receive an email when matches are found and you’ll see them on your family site.

Kind regards,


MyHeritage Team. 

Dean Aston
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