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Buged place of death/born in Edit profile
Stanislav Řábek
- Tutup

For the first time I try to put place of birth of my ancestor in the new skin, and the bug came out.

I am using Google chrome last version.

This person was living, and I want to set his place of death or birth, and there is bug. After clicking on someone in tree, pop window, in left bottom corner click on pencil icon. If I put something in inputbox of birth/death place with CTRL C, it makes a list of recent places or what, and I am not able close down this list, even I had everything writen as I want in this field. Picture attached (orange color is problem)I have to click to something from the list to close it down. So everything I wrote is gone.

Thanks for solving it.


Stanislav Řábek
- Jawab
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