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Change parent/relationships?
john janowski
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I need to change a parent/fix a relationship. I cannot figure out how to do this? Fix relationship does not seem to work - Please help. I added a sister that should be a wife to a different member. Also need to update a daughter to a different father. I don’t see any easy way of doing these changes? -john
john janowski
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RE: Change parent/relationships?
Daniel D.
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Dear John,


Thank you for writing and we appreciate your patience.

I can see that you are having some trouble regarding connecting people to different parts of the tree. I would like to guide you through some instructions that should help you:

1. Open your family tree.

2. Click on a person's card and a window should appear (Take a look at screenshot "Persons_Pop_up").

3. Click on "More v" and a drop down menu should appear.

4. Click on "Connect to existing person".

5. You will have a selection to choose what kind of connection do you want the person to be connected to... a parent? partner? or child?

6. Once you select one of them you will be able to type in the name of a person on the tree, the search will locate the person and you will be able to choose him.

7. Different options will appear for different connections, once you fill out all the relevant information - click on OK and you're done!


We hope this helps you.

Please, let us know if you need any additional assistance.


Happy New Year! 

Daniel D.
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