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Small xmas wishes
Leif Carsten Sommerdal
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In this merry xmas time I only have a few wishes from my favorite genealogy program, MyHeritage: 
1) Please revert to the former format of the online familysite, as the current is to tedious to work with when updating details about individuals. Please bring it back to the format of the looged out version. 
2) Please listen to the great and devoted community surroundig you. If we could have just a minimal influence on the the future design and contents/functionality of the online famili-site and FTB, I'm sure that even more users would prefer MyHeritage. At least inform about yor plans for the future (blueprints). 
3) Please let RecordMatches be voluntary as SmartMatches are. Until now I have only received payable information about WikiTree information that I have uploaded myself.
The wishes are presented in order of relevance. Thanks in advance and have a Merry Xmas
Leif Carsten Sommerdal
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RE: Small xmas wishes
Dean Aston
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Dear Mr.Sommerdal,

Thank you for your post.

Please note that I have sent you a personal email regarding this matter.

Kind Regards,


MyHeritage Team. 

Dean Aston
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