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Photos have disappeared from Family Tree Builder
Tom Ritchie
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My partner had added over 1500 photos to her family tree program over the months since she started using your software. But she noticed earlier today that they are no longer showing up in the photos section of the program. Although the ID thumbnail photos are still there. And the photos are actually still there in the My Heritage photo directory.

I checked within the program and it states the 1500 photos are still associated to that family tree project. But everything i have tried everything i can think of, including the option within the program to scan for genealogy files (and after importing several older dated versions of the tree) still no photos are showing up!

I even tried uninstalling and resinstalling the software (amongst other things) to no avail.

An old backup i made several months ago of the actual "My Documents/MyHeritage" directory (with only 500 or so photos) works fine and the photos are there. But that is not much help really with so many photos and more than 1000 people that had not been added yet at that point.

I've searched the forum and seen that people who have an online backup of their family trees have managed to restore their photos via that method. But my partner hadn't decided to upload her family tree online yet, so that is not going to be a feasible solution in our case.

I also read that this is a known bug that occurs sometimes when the virtual cemetery is used. But she has only ever used the very basic features within the program to build her family tree, and view it. And hasn't ever tried any of the other features such as the cemetery etc.

If this is a bug with no available solution, then i will have to resort to stringently making a backup of the My Documents/My Heritage folder every week, or else search for alternative software. As this is quite a serious and worrying bug that should definitely be ironed out as soon as possible, as i doubt that we will be the only people to have had this occur and then become so incredibly disillusioned and frustrated by it.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Tom Ritchie
Great Britain
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RE: Photos have disappeared from Family Tree Builder
Dean Aston
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Dear Mr.Ritchie,

Thank you for your post. 

Please note that I have sent you an email regarding this matter.

Kind regards,


MyHeritage Team 

Dean Aston
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