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Problems with online tree
Eric van Breda
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All my events from Nov and Des are not showing, on the home page the events jump to Jan 2013, what is wrong.

All my people in my tree have names, but on the upcoming events they are shown as unknown.

In the smartmatching there are trees that I want to delete, because this member last visisted his tree in 2007 and I believe they will not visit it again

In my photo sections, their are albums with nothing in, I want to delete them, but can't, I am neither alowed to put  photos in, how can I get rid of them

Eric van Breda
South Africa
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RE: Problems with online tree
Shachar Biran
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Hi Eric,

Thank you for writing us.

1) I have fixed this issue for you. You should be able to see your upcoming events correctly

2) Your family tree has two data language. Please see this FAQ post regarding the 'Unknown' problem:

Why do I see “unknown” individuals in my tree online after I publish from Family Tree Builder? 

3) You can ignore matches from specific family trees, as described in this post:

How do I ignore all online Smart Matches™ for a tree that I am being matched with ?  

4)  Because albums that were published from the software and empty albums have different settings there is a workaround to delete them.

To delete published or empty albums from your site, you need to go to 'Photos & Videos' > 'Search photos' > click the album you want to delete > click  'delete album'.


Best Regards,


MyHeritage.com team 

Shachar Biran
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