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Problem recording status against smart matches for people with identical names, FTB 6
Ross Baldwin
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There seems to be a problem with the smart match status handling in FTB, when different people with the same name are involved.

For example, I have smart matched and then confirmed someone, say "John Smith" born 1830, against the correct match in another member's tree.

I then add John Smith's grandfather who is also called "John Smith", born 1780. The smart match for the grandfather may then offer an incorrect match against the younger John Smith born 1830 in the other tree. That wouldn't be a problem, except that this new incorrect match ALREADY shown as confirmed, even though I haven't confirmed it and my actual confirmation was made previously on his grandson's record.

I don't think I can reject this new wrong match without effectively rejecting the original correct match - the status seems to be shared between the two different individuals in my tree.

It seems as though the smart match status (confirmed/rejected) is linked to the name, rather than the specific record, so fails as described above when identical names are involved. In this instance, if the status also took into account the date of birth that migh resolve the problem, but since the dates are not always known, the status really needs to be linked to the specific person record in some way.

PS I haven't yet published my tree, partly because it has over 250 names, which I know may affect the number of matches I get, but I don't think this could be the cause of the problem above.

Ross Baldwin
Great Britain
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RE: Problem recording status against smart matches for people with identical names, FTB 6
Shachar Biran
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Hi Ross,

I have sent you an email about this issue.

Please let me know if you didn't receive it.


Best Regards,


MyHeritage.com team 

Shachar Biran
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