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Researching a name from my "Family Tree" database
Derek Trevor Rowswell
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My ancestry originates in England (United Kingdom), when then when i research a name directly from my "family tree" having a date of birth and/or death, do i recieve hundreds of American "matches" which do not apply??  i am indicated that i cannot get "Smart Matches" as i do not have a "Premium" account, yet recieve smart match notifications weekly. and thank you for those - very usefull comparisons with other researchers.

I wish the Researching search engine to concentrate on the available data presented by my database - not a "google search" with sometimes gives better results.

There should be a choice as to where the search goes to is is confined to - in my case; England, Australia and New Zealand. all that is takes is an extra perameter in the search criteria...

Before closing, thank you for a wonderful piece of research software.  However i still cannot find my grandmother!

Derek T. rowswell

Derek Trevor Rowswell
Gillingham, United Kingdom
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RE: Researching a name from my
Dean Aston
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Dear Mr.Rowswell,

Thank you for your post.

Please note that i have sent you an email addressing tis inquiry for you.

Kind Regards,


MyHeritage Team. 

Dean Aston
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