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Formatting issues
Rolf Bäckström
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Data consistency checking is alarmingly weak on the Family Tree Builder. In conflict situations there are no standards and no error checking guiding how to resolve certain common issues. Together with Smart Matches this creates situations where the same issue is resolved in many different ways creating an even worse chaos than the one caused by the error prone and bugridden Smart Matches process itself.

1. There are many cases where the forename of a person is not known. The lacking forename could be subsituted with code indicating or there should be box to cross, that this is the case. Now you see forenames like Okänd (Unknown, in Swedish) or Dödfödd pojke (born dead, in Swedish) or NN. Smart Matches treats them all like they would be real forenames! A common but not too obvious error is that a unnecessary space is introduced before the first name. In the FTB name list spaces are not visible because they are probably stripped away. In the list, however, those names are shown first because the spaces are wrongly included in listing process. Remove bug please!

2. When you insert a location/position there is no advice to indicate the format. Should it be e.g. country, town, village or village, town, country? Could/Should country abbreviations be allowed, like D, GB, S, US etc.? Should there be commas? My preference is yes because the address may consist of several words for e.g. a village. Also, when you do a consistency check on your family tree you can see that most of your places are arbitrarily and wrongly spread all around the world. At least the country should be picked from an extended standardised list, also providing for countries that existed in former times. Perhaps also a possibility of providing an own alternative should be given. 

3. In many northern countries person names consist of a numerous forenames, a middle name and a family name. Presently there are no provisions for middle names which means that people are inserting it either as the last forename or the first family name. That causes arbitrary results in search functions. 

4. Most people insert forenames without commas between them, but unfortunately there are a small number of people who insist on inserting a comma. Smart Matches wrongly makes a diistinction between these two cases, even if the names are identical in all other respects. This slows down the manual Smart Matches process considerably. Either FTB should automatically remove commas altogether or disregard commas in the search process. 

5. Are you doing anything about reviewing the bugridden Smart Matches process?  

Have you at MyHeritage taken a look at these issues and what are you intend to do about them? 

Rolf Bäckström
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RE: Formatting issues
Dean Aston
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Dear Mr.Backstrom,

Thank you for your post and for these suggestions.I will be sure to forward them to the appropriate departments for future consideration.

Please let us know if you have any other ideas, either through message threads in forums or by directly mailing us at support@myheritage.com. We take your suggestions seriously and value such input from our users.


Best regards,


MyHeritage.com team  


Dean Aston
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