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smart matching - a few qeustions
Stine Stuhr Jakobsen
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Im trying to work out smartmatches and how to use them best. I have a few qeustions.

If I choose to ignore smartmatches from a familytree on my website, does it have any affect on the suggested smartmatches in FTB?

Is there any kind of integration between the smartmatching on FTB and the one on my website? if yes - what?

How can i change my FTB, so I can see what smartmatches I have ignored or even better, so I can't see them at all in the list? when you look at the smartmatch list for all familymembers it tells you how many there are and how many you have confirmed for each familymember. Every time I work with smartmatches in FTB i spend a lot af time cheking om matches I have allready rejected, but I can't see that untill I open the detailed list for each person.

I look forward to the optimized searchengine, that I have been reading about, but I hope you will also find time to look into usabilty concerning the smartmatches, both in FTB and on the webside.

Best regards Stine




Stine Stuhr Jakobsen
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RE: smart matching - a few qeustions
Rhianna W
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Thanks for your feedback.

Smart Matching online and in FTB are separately maintained. This means that if you work on your tree in Family Tree Builder, you should choose where you prefer to work on your Smart Matches and do the work in only one place.

If you prefer the online interface for Smart Matching (as many people do) then it is better to work on your Smart Matches there. If you find information from a match you would like to merge, you can always go directly to the match for that specific individual in the tree in Family Tree Builder and make the merge.

If you prefer to work as much as possible in Family Tree Builder, then you can manage your matches there. Just keep in mind that any confirming or reject you do will not be reflected on your family site.

I hope this clarifies for you.

One last thing, you can use SuperSearch our specialized genealogy research tool already now. Here's a link: www.myheritage.com/research 

Rhianna W
Tel Aviv, Israel
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