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George Hiscock b 1758
Colin Hiscock
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Has anyone had any success in tracing ancestors of George Hiscock born 1758 Sonning Berkshire. My sispicions fall on a daniel Hiscock of All Cannings Wiltshire who, in my opinion coluld have moved to Sonning about the date of George's birth.

He had a son named George who was christened in All cannings some two years after ny recorded birth date of George of Sonning. I have noted that this practice of christening some few years after the birth and that christening being in the home town of  the couple's parents was not uncommon about that time.

Unfortunately any move from Wiltshire woulkd have teken place prior to any census as these only began in 1830. Therefore documentary evidence of such an occurrence probably would not exist.

Colin Hiscock
melbourne, Australia
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