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Also need advice on updating trees and deleting outdated versions
Paul J. Lareau
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I am trying to clean up my LAREAU WEB SITE after a year and a half of corrections, additions, and SmartMatch interactivity, and I am unsure what your recommendations would be on proceeding.

I maintain my MyHeritage site via GEDCOM, from my current Masterfile using Brother's Keeper software (as I have for over 20 years).   Besides two very small satellite trees that will remain as they are on my MyHeritage site, I currently have two versions of my very large Family tree on the LAREAU WEB SITE:

FAMILY - Earlier Version   -  This is the initial database with which my account was started in 2007 (with a few emergency corrections here and there).   It contains 400,000 people, and is attached to over 1,300,000 SmartMatches.   It does not have an option to "delete" on the Manage Tree page.

FAMILY - 15 Sep 2011  -   This version, uploaded on the stated date. contains 465,000 people, and probably 100,000 data additions, changes and corrections from the 4 years between 2007-2011.  I intentionally never attached this tree to the SmartMatch system because I did not want to duplicate the large number of SmartMatches already attached to the Earlier Version, including over 500,000 already approved or rejected and sent.   It also does not have the option to "delete" on the Manage Tree page.

Within the next month or two, I plan to upload another version of this tree, now with about 480,000 people, and all the data additions, corrections, and changes applied to my masterfile since last September.   Ideally, this upload should REPLACE the other two outdated versions of this tree, since they will both be obsolete and full of errors now corrected in the new version.  I intend to set this version up as the default version, and activate it for SmartMatching.

My first question is whether there is a recommended way of doing this that I can't find in the documentation or forum. I see that there are still frequent forum queries referring to the lack of a "delete" option for outdated trees.   Also, MyHeritage does not seem to have a "replace" function in uploading GEDCOMs, or at least not that I can find.

My second question is whether the deletion of the FAMILY - Earlier Version tree, which has all the current and "responded to" SM's attached, will delete substantial data from and cause serious frustration among other MyHeritage members who have been working with me for the last year.    It seems that their SM listings should logically disappear, although they will be ultimately replaced over time by corrected SM's (with higher quality percentages) as the system matches indviduals in the newly uploaded version. 

Sorry to take your time on this handholding, but with the large databases and numbers of SmartMatches involved, I'm nervous about trying to do the best thing both for my work, and also for the other MyHeritage members whom I have been urging to freely use my data.   Thanks.

Paul J. Lareau 







Paul J. Lareau
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