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New box layout
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Major errors:

1. Fødsel (Birth) NOTICE that here is an error in the system because it's possible create more than one birth. Born twice! A scary thought. Remove it from the list and then autocreate it when a profile is created were it can't be delete.

2. Begravelse (Funeral in a coffin) NOTICE that here is an error in the system because it places it before the death. Buried alive. Another scary thought. This isn't possible because you have to be dead before there can be a funeral.

2. Bisat (Funeral in a coffin and then burned) This is missing in this system. Why? All other system has it.


I have over 15.000 profiles in my family tree where I record these main events in a person's life:

1. Fødsel (Birth) 2. Barnedåb (Christening / Baptism) Dåb (2nd Christening / Baptism) This is only if there was ​​a christening / baptism at home and then a representation in a church 3. Konfirmation (Confirmation) Happens only if the person wishes it 4. Ægteskab (Married in a church) Borgerlig vielse (Civil marriage) 5. Død (Death) Begravelse (Funeral in a coffin) if the error will be corrected Bisat (Funeral in a coffin and then burned) if they implement it in the system 6. Gravlagt (Burial)

Therefore it would be nice to have a system that shows the main events we have yet to find in the individual profiles. width=241

As we can see in the picture all main events is found for the profile Susan Hansen but we are missing the Death and Burial on the Michael Robert Herlak profile. I'm not dead this only a sample.

Also the possibility to mark a profile finished would be nice. As you can see in the picture on the Susan Hansen profile where the red check mark indicates that the profile is finished. Then we now that the profile is finished and all main event is found for this profile.

Then we have to move the black line "profile marked dead" to the right because it's the last event in a persons life.

The best way to implement this in your system is to create it under Personalize in Site Settings where we can activate or deactivete it. Select which events that uses icons and an url address to the icon we want to use. On that way it can be used in all countries and all kinds of beliefs / religion. The picture below shows a sample how to do it.


Hope to see something like this in the near futher.

Best reards

Michael Robert Herlak Denmark

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