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Downgrade to Basic
Kimberley Rome
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I posted on a message board over 2 weeks ago as I had been charged after the trial period of a premium account had come to an end. 


I wanted my account to be downgraded and a full refund of the money taken from my account as it was only 2 or 3 days after it was taken that i asked to be downgraded and was due a refund. However the time has apssed and i feel that the money shall not be refunded to me.


It was not a large sum of money as it was only a monthly charge. But for me, any sum of money is rather valuable and i feel i did what i was able to work within the restrictions of there being no real way to ask for the account to be stopped.


If anyone has any advice, any help or can make any headway with this, i will be truly grateful!



Kimberley Rome
United Kingdom
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RE: Downgrade to Basic
Aviv Ben-Arie
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Hi Kimberley,

Thank you for writing to us, and sorry about the delay.

I have answered you via email.



MyHeriitage.com Team  

Aviv Ben-Arie
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