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Question about Fonts in MyHeritage
Nick Coombe
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Perhaps all I need to know is as simple as which font MyHeritage uses in a Note so I can set the Note section of a Report to the same font.

I am trying to format the equivalent of a table which I can paste as a Note for a person but which will also look the same in the Note section in a Report.  The problem is that spacing distorts the table badly.  I have tried several fonts, using WordPad and using fixed-width fonts.  I haven't  found one that works.  I have cut a Note to WordPad and it then indicates the font is Ariel 10, but when I set the font in the Report to Ariel 10, the spacing is not the same.

Another option might be to find out where tabs are set, or how they are converted to spaces in MyHeritage Notes.  I find that if I use Ariel 10 with tabs, the alignment is generally OK in both the Notes and the Note section of Reports, but where certain numbers of tabs are used, the column location varies.   For instance if one of the columns does not contain any text.  I don't seem to be able to compensate for that to make it come out correctly.

I can fudge the alignment of the columnar entries in WordPad so they look fine in the Note, or fine in the Note section of a Report, but can not find a font which satisfies both.

I can live with the table looking ugly in WordPad if necessary, but having the Note look different from the same information in a Report is just not a good thing for a table.  Hopefullly, if someone can tell me which font is the actual one used in personal Notes, I can set the font in the Report Notes to match and then I can manipulate the table as necessary.

Thanks to anyone who can suggest a font that will work uniformly in MyHeritage between these two sections.  It would be a bonus if it even looks good as I compose it in WordPad.

Example of what I am trying to do:

                                          Profession,                                                           BR:

                Given   Approx.  Trade,            Born            BR:              BR:          Parent's

Surname   Name   Age         Employment  Cornwall?     Baptised      Mother     Residence

Coombe   Thomas  50          accountant     Y c 1791

Coombe   Susan    42                                Y c 1799

Coombe   Blanch   17          Clerk              Y c 1824       01/31/1824   Susan      Camborne,


Nick Coombe
Lambertville, NJ
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