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names lost - replaced with unknow
Birthe van Amerongen
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In the manuel it saids:

"If you change the Primary Data Language of an existing project, hen the words Unknown or Empty may appear in place of the data that you have already entered."

This have happend to me, but how do I change it back?


Birthe van Amerongen
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RE: names lost - replaced with unknow
Lior Shaked
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Hi Birthe,

Thank you for writing to us. 

If you add information to your tree in 2 languages, you must make sure to add all the info in both languages, otherwise it will appear as Unknown. You can check what languages are in your tree if you open your project in Family Tree Builder and go to Tools> Languages. Make sure to set the same display and primary data language, even if you have a secondary data language. If you right-click on that window and go to Manage data languages, you will see how much data is in each language. You can choose to copy all info to one language or add all of it in both languages. 

Please also see the following post in our FAQ in English regarding this issue:

Why do I see "unknown" individuals in my tree online after I publish from Family Tree Builder?If you need further assistance, please let me know.

Kind Regards


MyHeritage team 

Lior Shaked
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