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SmartMatch & my own search
Petr Hubáček
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I have two trees and I am a member of one another. How can I link parents from one to child in another without merging trees? Is it possible? I can not find solution:



Petr Hubáček
Česká republika
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RE: SmartMatch & my own search
Rafael Perel
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Hi Petr, 

Thanks for contacting us on our forum.

 I understand that you you are interested in linking parents to a child.    You may not do this on a smart match but you may do this on your own tree.  A smart match simply allows you to copy information to your tree.  

 If you build your family tree directly from your family site at MyHeritage.com and you need to do one of the following things:

* Fix any wrong connection between children and families or between spouses. * Move an entire branch * Add a child, parent or spouse that already exists in the tree without having to add them again ( a marriage between two distant cousins, for example)

You will need to use the Connect Remove Connection feature.

1. Click on the ‘ ’ icon on the relevant card: Click to view photo in full size

2. Choose to Connect to existing person:

Click to view photo in full size

A side panel will open up, with three options:

Click to view photo in full size

3. Choose the relevant option, and then the relevant individual from your tree.

4. If you choose to attach to a parent, you will need to choose the relevant spouse (if the parent has more than one spouse):

Click to view photo in full size

In a similar way, you can choose to remove a connection for any individual.

Note:It is not possible to connect person A and B as siblings.

Instead, you will need to connect both to the same parents - which will make them siblings. 


If I have misunderstood your question, please let me know.  

Rafael Perel
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