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lior efraim
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first i have to say, i'm sooo happy for all you guys at myHeritage  about the money u managed to raise from investers and about the Kindo deal, i'm proud for obvious reasons, plus i saw Gilad's interview at BNBC, he probably did the interview when he went snooping around at Kindo huh? hehe... well, i wish u all the best, keep up the good work.

now to get back to work.

there is an automatic calender reminder about birthdays that is sent from the family site. i've notices that it is sent as Rich Text, i thought that this is normal, than i saw another family web site of a distant relative's family, and they get a Newsletter and the birthday reminders as HTML, it's looks much much better, the problem is that i can't find the way to turn our plain looking mails to these good looking type.

my relative can't help me, he's site is new, so it's automatic for him, i'm a 2 years member  so my site is a little older.

anyways - plz help.  :)

thanks in advance 

גמר חתימה טובה, לשנה טובה תכתבו ותחתמו. 

lior efraim
holon, Israel
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