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SmartMatches - Merge
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Coosing the tab "Matches" gives me a list of other Family Trees with matches to a person in my tree. From there I can choose one tree and compare. On the screen I can see my tree and the tree I compare with. Clicking on a person shows me data on the peron in both trees. 

 There is an option called "Merge"  and I can choose either to have a Step-by-step merge or Automatic merge and I can mark or unmark the persons I want to merge. BUT here is the problem..... after the merging ALL merged records are marked as UNKNOWN in my tree!!!! BUT when I open the merged UNKNOWN records ALL infomation is there, also the name, but in my family tree it still says UNKNOWN for the name!!! If I open the record I can open a "new page" in the record called "name" and I can manually add the name, save the record and NOW it shows the persons name in my tree. Whats the point with the merging if it doesn't merge tha name, only the rest of the information and I still have to write the merged persons name?



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RE: SmartMatches - Merge
Rafael Perel
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Hello Jack,
Thanks for contacting us on our forum and I'll be happy to assist you with this issue.
First, It is important to know that this is happening because the language in which you have recieved a match for is not written in unicode.  You may update this on your site though by following these directions that I've provided.
First, open your Family Tree Builder program
Next click on Tools from the toolbar
Then, choose Languages from the dropdown box
Right click in the window that appears
Choose the option manage data languages
Once this option is chosen in the new window, copy all the data over into the primary language that you use. 
This should help,  Please let me know if it does not. 
Kind Regards
Rafael Perel
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RE: SmartMatches - Merge [2]
Regardt van de Vyver
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 I have the same issue. I have made the recommended change. It did not fix the issue.

I then deleted the "Unknown" items and re-merged the information - still came up as unknown. I have never had this issue till about 3 weeks ago -- now occuring regularly. 

Any advice would be great as it's dramatically slowing me down ;-( I am using as a Premium user.


Regardt van de Vyver
South Africa
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RE: SmartMatches - Merge [3]
Ilana Bierman
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Dear Regart,

Thanks for your post.

This iis a limitation of our Family Tree Builder which is currently unable to work with multiple languages. We are aware of this issue and our developers are currently working to rewrite the program in order to resolve this issue.

 We will keep you posted with any advances.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards,


Ilana Bierman
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