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Stupid "Private" on Smart Matches
Gus Porter
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Why can't Heritage find a happy medium in their security settings?  I have received at least 1700 "Smart Matches" which needed to be confirmed or rejected.  My problem is getting the proper information on which to base my decision because of many individuals, their spouses, sibling or children who have long passed on, are marked as "Private".  This then demands that I do a tree comparison between the requesters site and mine for those individuals.  This is very time consuming and I am not prepared to do many in this manner. 

I have recently sent emails to a number of people advising them that I refuse to do the smart match confirmation / rejection process on their smart matches because of their privacy settings.  In a few instances I have received replies saying they don't know what the problem is that they want the info to come through.  I think that unless there is some legal reason why "all" individuals in the tree cannot be seen, especially by the webmaster who is doing the confirming / rejecting, I would request that MY Heritage add a couple of security options with an explanation to all users of what they mean.  It seems many users do not understand the security options as they stand or are afraid to even go into the settings etc to see what is available.  Not all users are computer geeks so will need more instruction.  

This problem has been one of my pet peeves with this program and another is getting too many smart matches at any one time from any one site.  A maximum number of 50 smart matches from any one site should be a mandatory number as some of the larger sites are requesting over 200 at a go. Multiply that site by 100 and you can imagine the work involved.  Then if they don't receive their matches back in a week or so, they resubmit and an individual ends up with say 400 from that person on their site.  This must be limited.

 That's my rant for today.  Thanks


Gus Porter
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RE: Stupid
Anders Karlsson
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I can only agree. I have worked one week in the evenings and weekend and published my changes which added about 500 people to my tree. It took one week to get it thru and I ended up with 1000s of new matches which will take me more time than I spent with my own tree.

Recently this problem with private on allmost every person cant be a new setting people have made and must be a glitch in the system. People I have had many matches and common ancesters with is suddenly showing up with private  on almost all new matches.

Together with a poor handling around confirming and rejecting makes work almost futile. Each confirmation/rejection take me 5-10 seconds and multiply that with 3000 new matches. That makes it 5-10 hours work just clicking. If I have to research the match you can probably multiply that time with 5 or 10 times.

Do we want to work with our trees or do we want to work with smart matches????

I suggest that next update of the WEB system should be in the smart match handling. New functionality is less important than that. Simple filtering, within the matches of a person ,where I can select a name or date where I then can confirm or reject all would be the best function you could add to the smart match handling. Another function would be to confirm/reject all in one page. As it is now I can only confirm/rejet all, even those matches I dont se.

This is perticular stupid in the Need to confirm/reject page where I only can see maximum 20 matches and if there are more I will confirm/reject also the ones I cant see at all.


Anders Karlsson
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RE: Stupid [2]
Rhianna W
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Hi all,

The release of Super Search was a project that took all the team resources we had available. Now that Super Search is up and running it won't be long before everyone will get back to their regularly scheduled duties - such as revamping Smart Matches. 

We're going to "smarten" them up a bit. 

I know that functionality like confirm or reject multiple matches is a big feature request.

Also cleaning up the matches you get so there will be less, higher quality matches is on the list of improvements we're working on.

We'll probably also implement something that will allow you to set a certain percentage of match and hide anything below that. Another request that many people ask for is to color code the Smart Matching icons, so if a match has already been confirmed it will be a different color in the tree view so you'll know you don't need to check matches for that person again.

There are many more improvments, mainly to the algorithms that process Smart Matches that we plan to work intensively on in the near future. 

Rhianna W
Tel Aviv, Israel
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