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My Inbox@myheritage vs my yahoo email
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Which email address do visitors and member see for the point of contact, my InBox or my yahoo email address?

I would prefer to have all inquires about genealogy related contacts go to my InBox and not be sent directly to my yahoo email address.  Is the email address under site settings used by all or just by MyHeritage team members to contact me? How should I decide the proper setting for my contact setting?

I sent a test email to my Inbox email address at Myheritage and got a reply email from MyHeritage stating there were no attachments to the email I had sent.  When I checked my InBox at my family site there were no emails in my InBox.  How are general inquires and messages from visiters and other members sent to me?

Can you help me understand the process and settings?


Barry Simmons

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RE: My Inbox@myheritage vs my yahoo email
Rafael Perel
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Hi Barry,

Thanks for your question.

All e-mails that are sent and recieved through the website are internal.  This means that you can send e-mails only to other site members of Myheritage.  

You will recieve e-mails to your private e-mail address (yahoo) from Myheritage and this e-mail will basically inform you of the e-mail that was sent to you on the website.  This can serve as a reminder to check your Myheritage inbox. 

Messages are sent to you via the inbox on myheritage by either typing your name or your e-mail address listed on the website.  

 Please let me know if you have any other questions

Kind Regards


Rafael Perel
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