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Removing partners
D Kitching
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I have problem with my tree, My parents were never married and are not together now, but under each of their info section, the other is listed as a partner and in the "families" section it says under my mother & stepfather's bit that my mother has one other marriage, and is the same under my father & stepmother's section, any suggestions?

Is there a place where i can record a name that people are known by, if they already have a nickname, for example, my great grandfather's name was John Joseph, his nickname was Jack, but he was often known by what we in our family call our "old country names", i.e. the italian form of our name, his "old country name" was Gian. 

Also, is there a way of making the name that a person is normally known by appear on the family tree, because alot of my family are named after each other so it gets really confusing with John Jr, John Sr, John Joe, etc.

Another thing, is there a way of making a person's former name appear on the tree if they changed their name.

Thanks much, Dan 

D Kitching
United Kingdom
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