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Permissions to download a family tree!
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I would like to start a general discussion about permissions to DOWNLOAD a family tree from the web.

I'm kind of sitting between two chairs here. I'm an approved member of  several family trees because we have mutual ancestors, BUT still I'm not allowed to DOWNLOAD that tree, to merge it into mine on my LOCAL PC! I'm fully aware of the fact tahat people doesn't want me to have the permissions to change/upload a changed tree BUT if we are going to share informatikon why block the possibility do DOWNLOAD the mutual tree? Well in some wsay I cazn understand that it might be moreappropriate to contact the web-master and ask for a copy of the tree, BUT most Internet providers does NOT allow sending/receiving large files so...........

Maybe we all should adjust our settings in MyHeritage!!!

Jack J Jackson

A Swede and newbee in Spain 

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