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Charts and Books Not Working
Jennifer Krauser
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I've made several attempts to generate a chart or a book from a tree in my profile.  However, every time it tells me that an error has occurred and to please generate it again.

At first I thought perhaps I tried to export _too_ much and maybe hit some kind of resource limit.  But something like the family book doesn't have very many options to overload it, but it still fails.  Or even a simple chart where I limit the generations to, say, 3 (to limit the data and resources needed).

Am I doing something wrong?  The client-facing errors don't really give any information, they just say to try again.  Is there any way to determine specifically why it failed?  Or can someone give me common reasons why it would fail? 

Jennifer Krauser
Stoughton, MA
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RE: Charts and Books Not Working
Aviv Ben-Arie
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Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for writing to us, and sorry about the large delay.

There is indeed a bug that causes some Book Reports to fail in the site, and the best way to overcome this is to create the same report in the Family Tree Builder.  

Once you have the GEDCOM of your tree, you will be able to import it into the Family Tree Builder, and create the report there.

I apologize about the inconvenience caused.



MyHeritage.com Team  

Aviv Ben-Arie
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