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Software providing wrong information
Eunice Lewis
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When I created a book for myself, there is information in a section entitled "Indirectly Related via Ella Pittman (Hines)"  There are three topics:

Generation of Eunice's Grandchildren: I have no grandchildren.  The people listed are my cousins (Ella's children).

Generation of Eunice's Chidren: the two people listed are my cousin and her son.

Generation of Eunice's Peers: My Aunt Ella's ex husband.  The line indicates that Allen is Ella's husban, although I have indicated that they are divorced.

I really need help as to why the information was generated this way.  There is nothing different about the information for Ella or her children are entered into the tree.

There is one difference in the entry: The child listed under "Grandchildren" is Ella's child by Allen (not my cousin). therefore, a child born outside the family (blood).

How can I keep this information from showing up in the book this way?

Eunice Lewis
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RE: Software providing wrong information
Aviv Ben-Arie
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Hi Eunice,

Thank you for writing to us.

I sent you an email regarding this issue, please take a look.



MyHeritage.com Team  

Aviv Ben-Arie
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