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Security Enhancements
Stephen Evans P68 G31
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In using this product we have come across some areas where we would like to have additional control over site access and maintenance.  The items below provide suggested additional functionality.

Security (this item is of higher priority that those below):

Types of profiles: We would like to have three levels of members:

1.       Site Managers

2.       Site Members – Family (in the family tree based on their user name).  An alternate name for this level could be Family Member

3.       Site Members – non-family (not in the family tree) – non-family site members would only have the ability to view the site contents.

Authorities (these items are of lower priority than the Security item):

We would like to be able to set the authority of Site Members to add, change and delete site objects (e.g., albums, photos, videos, events, etc.). For example, we would like to limit Site Members to a single album per family. However, we also want the Site Member to have control of the content of their album. It would probably be desirable to be able to designate an “Album Manager” for each album but that would involve a significant redevelopment effort.  Short of that, the scenario described below would be useful:

·         Albums could be created, renamed and deleted only by Site Managers

·         Album contents could be created (added) by any Site Member (Family).

·         Album contents could only be maintained (edited) and deleted by the Site Member (Family) that created (added) the object (photo or video).

Site Managers could add, maintain and delete objects in albums.

Similar authorities should be available for Events:

·         Events could be added by any Site Member (Family).

·         Events could be maintained and deleted only by the Site Member (Family) that created the Event.

Site Managers could add, maintain and delete all Events.

The inclusion of these authorities would protect the contents of the site from intentional or inadvertent changes while allowing members to interact with the site.

Stephen Evans P68 G31
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