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Problem with Russian and Latvian languages
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Hi there!

Please help. So basicaly I'm from Latvia, my primary language is set to latvian and second data input language is russian. I have many relatives from Russia and Ukraine so I want to enter their names using russian language what I can't do until I change my computers regional language settings for non-unicode programs...

 Ok, so I change it to Russian (Russia). Now opening the Family tree builder windows pops on which says that I'm not able to use this program properly for Latvian language. (which is my primary language)

So now I can finaly type in russian language, but I can't type in latvian laguage, so I can't edit any names or info in Latvian language..................  (To do so I would need to swich non-unicode settings back to latvian and again RESTART my computer. I didn't test it yet does my russian translate disapears or changes to ??????? or some other symbols.

Ok, so I didn't edit anything in latvian, but added info in russian language, but what is the point? When I upload my family tree I don't see any changes. Even when I switch the site language to russian, all the names ir my family tree are in latvian language...

Why it is not possible to make this simple? Why I need to change some kind of language settings? It was not possible to create this software as UNICODE for all the languages? :(

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RE: Problem with Russian and Latvian languages
Aviv Ben-Arie
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Hi Edgars,

Thank you for writing to us.

Just now we are working on a Unicode version of the program which will support the situation that you are describing.

I apologize about the inconvenience caused, and I'm sure that you will love the next version that will support this feature.



MyHeritage.com Team  

Aviv Ben-Arie
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