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Use my preferences when viewing names in SM. Not the tree owner.
Anders Karlsson
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I am now walking thru 1000's of Smart Matches. The presentation of the names changes depending on the preferences of the tree owners.

Wouldnt it be better if it was presented with my/your preferences since it is I/you who have to do the comparing. Some times it is difficult to see if it is the same person.


My preferences: The person is a person from a noble family (noted within the parantheces) and shown only with birth name.

Kristina Birgersdotter (Birger Håkanssons ätt)                           

Here someone have placed the family name together with given name and also have family name as birth name and then selected to have married name first. 


Here is the preference to have birth name first and then Married name.

Kristina Birgersdotter Hjorthorn (Marinason Lejonlilja Leopard )

If you then take these names and squize them in the narrow columns in SM it is very hard to decifer them. Upon all this it is not obvious that these 3 persons are actually the same.

Just for information:

In the first example I have choosen to only have birth name on people because it was very common to remarry when first husband/wife died and which married name shall I then use? Of course I select the relative to me but that is not the same for somebody else. The Family name differs but is the same anyway. Why? The Hjorthorn (Deer antler) was the coat of arms but the family Head was Birger Håkansson. It requires some skill to be a genealogistGlad.


Anders Karlsson
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