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Match - No match
Shelly Weiner
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All day long today I've been getting the little green icon when I enter names.  OK - another match... 

When I click on the icon and go to the actual page - I am now told there are 0 matches.  If I go back to the tree, now the green icon is gone.  This has been happening today for appx 50% of the new names.  

Anyone else having this problem?

Shelly Weiner
Henderson, NV
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RE: Match - No match
Lior Shaked
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Hi Shelly,

Thanks for writing to us.

The reason you see the Smart Match indicator but when you go to check the matches there are none is due to a lag in processing Smart Matches.
What happens is that when you type the information into your tree, we check to see if there are matches "ad-hoc" or "on the fly". If there is a match, the green icon appears to indicate we've found a preliminary match.

The actual matches usually take a few days to be processed, so if you go to check your matches right away you won't see any, but ideally you should get matches within 72 hours. (However, due to some improvements, currently there is a much longer wait time.) 

We apologzie for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,


MyHeritage team 

Lior Shaked
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