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Separation of two Family Trees
Miroslav Němec
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I have two separate Family Trees operating at My Hertiage - one describing familky members from my wife family and another from family of mine. Both families have long lasting ancestors and therefore I decided to have Premium version.

Now there is one problem - some members from one family tree need not have access to family tree of the other family since they are no relatives and I prefer not to permit them to search through the other family tree at all. Please advise me how to proceed. At present the both trees are accessible to any relatives who receive my visit invitation. Is there any solution? I add that I operate both trees from one place and one e-mail address given above.

Another problem - how can I download a historic coat of arms bwelonging to the family (coat of arms granted to ancestors by local ruler and an introductory page. Is it possible? Help pages do not touch this matter.

May I obtain your advise to my e-mail?

Many thanks

M. Nemec

Miroslav Němec
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