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problem with my site manager
Jason Jouti
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i have a problem and it is quite complicated.

1. i accidently created my family tree using a yahoo email but the problem is instead of using yahoo.com i misstyped yahoo.co.uk

2. i've created a member using my own name (same name with the name i use as site manager) but using the yahoo.com email

3. now i logged in as the not site manager and i completely forgotten my password for the site manager and i could not reset password for the site manager cause my email ended with yahoo.co.uk does not exist.

4. could someone from the myheritage team change the site manager to my yahoo.com account and delete the yahoo.co.uk account.

5. tqvm in advance

Jason Jouti
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RE: problem with my site manager
Deleted member
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Dear Jason,

Thank you for writing to us. 

I have fixed the different issues.

You now only need to use the account linked to the e-mail address jada.linson@yahoo.com.

On this account I have transferred the site which you created on the account with the e-mail address  jada.linson@yahoo.co.uk.

To avoid any confusion I have deleted the latter account.

On your account  jada.linson@yahoo.com you will find all you trees  which you have created and of which you are a webaster.

Please let us know should you have other questions

Kind regards


MyHeritage.com Team 

Deleted member
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