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Same Address for Multiple Individuals
Anurag Chugh
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Hi guys,

I have been using Family Tree Builder for 3 years now and its awesome. I have a Premium Plus plan.

I have two suggestions which can make editing informationusing the Family Tree Builder a bit less cumbersome:

 1) We need a way to manipulate the Dates and Addresses of photos in a batch. Its cumbersome to open and copy and paste date and address in each photo of a particular family event one by one.

 2) Consider a Nuclear family unit having a mom dad and kids and maybe grandparents. Most of the time they all live at the same residence and so we end up copying and pasting the same address again and again for each member. And since there are multiple lines of text in any addresses, it must be copied and pasted again and again. And if the whole family moves then its actually quite irritaing to go back and update the addresses again. So maybe you guys and add a field to each individuals address page. There would be a check box "This person stays at the same address as some one else". After you checkmark that option, it would allow you to link the address of that person to some other person - say a child's address is linked to his dad-s such that whenever you update the dad's address, the same is reflected for the child.

Maybe there already exisitng workarounds for these. If anyone knows do let me know. Otherwise it would be great if the Family Tree Builder team can think of adding such improvements. 

A GPS Coordinates field for each address would also be really great. So would be automatic tagging of address of photos whoes GPS coordinates (from EXIF) match up with those of an address in the database.



Anurag Chugh 

Anurag Chugh
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RE: Same Address for Multiple Individuals
Aviv Ben-Arie
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Hi Anurag,
Thank you for writing to us.
We currently do not have this, although thank you for the suggestions, they may indeed be helpful for many of our users. I will be sure to forward it to the appropriate department for consideration. 
Best regards,
MyHeritage.com team
Aviv Ben-Arie
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