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Cannot see Places in Family Stats
Alexandra V.
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I asked this same question on the Russian version of the forum and also in FAQ, but without success. Could you please clarify: where do I enter person's place of residence so that it shows up on the map Places of residence in Family statistics: Places? I have only a couple of people shown on Places of birth, Places of death and Places of residence maps, but the information is listed for many more famliy members than that.

Where the information about places should be listed? In what format: name of the city in the original language? with or without country? Should it be: Moscow, Russia /or/ Moscow, Russian Federation /or/ Москва, Россия /or/ Москва? Does the system recognize Chișinău or Chisinau? Praha or Prague? what about the old names like Basarabia (or Bessarabia)?

I have just added Germany (using Russian version of the website the drop-down menu offered me Германия) and Berlin (as spelled in German: Berlin) to this person's page and ticked "current". It, however, did not show on the map Places of residence. When switching to the English version of the website I noticed that Германия remained spelled in Russian and the flag next to the country name has disappeared. Is it a bug?

Moreover, I am listed as Москва on the bottom of this forum post, where I do not live. My public profile page says Belgium. So does my current contact address. Where do I remove Москва?

Please advise.

Alexandra V.
Москва, Россия
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RE: Cannot see Places in Family Stats
Isolda L
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Thank you for writing to us.

I have sent a reply to your email address. 

Best Regards,


MyHeritage.com team 

Isolda L
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