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Translation to other languages
Martin Bujna
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I would like to ask about translating the FTB and WEB to Slovak. I received an email on the 8/3/2008 about new version 2.0 of FTB, where you are asking for help with translating to other, yet not supported languages. I answered to translate@myheritage.com, but nothing happend yet. To be true, I do not have time for daily translating (with the wife and two children), but I find some translations not correct (on the WEB, FTB is still without Slovak) and would like to help with translation, correct in concrete context. Now I have e.g. these remarks:

- "Details" is translated as "Podrobnosti" in many places, but can be "Detaily" (singular "Detail") – it's commonly used in Slovak, understandable and shorter

Some others:

English;          Proposed Slovak;            Current Slovak;      Comment

Info;                 Informácie (or Detaily);   Informácia;             link on the right-bottom of each person in the List

Slideshow;    Prezentácia;                      Prehliadač fotiek;  icon label in the menu on the top in Classic style; too long for that menu

Delete;            Zmazať;                              Zrušiť;                   "Delete this person" or "Delete" anywhere (there's no difference between Cancel and Delete now)

Alive;               Nažive;                                Žijúci/a;                  checkbox in the person detail dialog

Add son;         Pridať syna;                      Pridať brata;         Modern style: after pressing (+); incorrect translation, means "Add Brother" (it's twice there)

Loading;         Nahrávam;                         Ukladám;              during loading the tree design and tree itself

placeholdervšeobecný obrázok;        vlastníka;              located in Family tree - Print charts

transferring   prenos                                transformáciu      located in Family tree - Import GEDCOM

Delete              Zmazať                              Zrušiť                     located in Family tree -Manage trees - Family tree - Actions

Download       Stiahnuť                             Nahrať                  located in Family tree - Manage trees - Family tree - Actions

Earliest            Najstaršia                         Najnovšia             located in Family tree - Manage trees - About our family tree

Clickhere        Kliknite                              Kliknite na            located in Family tree - Manage trees - About our family, Missing pieces

Facts with more words are incorrectly shown in Slovak - shows %20 instead of space.

Have a nice day!

Martin Bujna
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