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Upgrade duplicated entries & notes
Haydn Ebbs
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Hi there,

Shotrtly after the last upgrade on opening the programme a warning came up showing a full duplication of entries. The software gave me a choice to remove these, which I did (as clearly it was an odd fault), but I have now found that whilst it removed all duplicates (however they were created during the upgrade / switch on) it has duplicated ALL NOTES in each person on my tree.

As I have some 6000 names the option of going through each person is horrendous. Is there any other way this duplication can be removed?


Haydn Ebbs
United Kingdom
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RE: Upgrade duplicated entries & notes
Shachar Biran
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Hi Hayden,

When updating the software and clearing inconsistencies, usually a backup is created which you can restore.

To check if there is a backup for your project:

1) open the software

2) click 'file' > 'restore project'

3) choose to restore from file on  a disk

4) you should get a screen with all backups (if created).


If there are no backups you can restore your family tree from an online version that you publihsed (if exists) by simply choosing 'restore from onlie website' in step 3 above.


If this doesn't help, please send your project to us (support@myheritage.com) and we will investigate if we can fix the problem of duplicate notes from our site.


In order to send us your family tree file, so we could inspect it, please follow the steps below:

In Family Tree Builder, go to File > Manage Projects. Select your project and click "Export Package". This conveniently prepares a single zip file containing your family tree plus all its related photos (very useful for backing up). Save it in a location on your computer that you will remember.

If the zip file is small (less than 2MB) you can just email it to us directly. Otherwise, if it is a large file, please go to www.wetransfer.com. Just and click on the ' ' symbol in the upper left-hand side of the window. Find the zip file you just created and upload it. Please send the project to support@MyHeritage.com. Make sure to add the subject to the file upload details, so that we will have all details.


Best Regards,





Shachar Biran
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